Jeep Treasure Hunt

This ‘event’ is an excellent opportunity to travel all across the Island whilst being on a ‘hunt’, hence in constant competition.    Every team will have to name itself and will be given a bag containing

  • a Polaroid camera with 10 photos
  • a map of Malta
  • a pen
  • a clipboard with the Treasure Hunt programme and points to score

To score points, the teams have to answer questions, which are in connection with the Maltese history.  Each team has a Polaroid camera with 10 photos and a list of categories, eg: churches, people, places and bays.  They have to shoot 2 photos of each category and score as many points as possible.  They also have to find and bring as many treasures i.e., Maltese ‘Gbejniet’ (cheese) and for this the team would have to stop and ask for local help. Every participant will be advised of a meeting point for the end of the Treasure Hunt where all treasures and bags are given to the organisers.

Let's go that extra mile!
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