Summer in Malta – the Season of Sunshine, Beaches, Festas and More!

The days get longer and warmer by the second. The sun is shining and you can expect the weather to just keep getting better and better from now on. Summer is one of the island’s main attractions. The island becomes more and more alive when summer kicks in.

  1. Summer days are longer which means that there is more sunshine to enjoy your day, you can count on daylight till around 8 pm.
  2. Whether you prefer rocky or sandy beaches, one of the island’s highlights is the beautiful opportunity of having the beach in close vicinity to everywhere!.
  3. Sunsets in Malta are glorious. If you’re spending a day by the beach, you can simply settle down with a beer or a bottle of wine and witness the island’s beauty in the dim evening from the comfort of your towel. Top sunset locations include Dingli Cliffs and the Mellieha area.
  4. There’s a festa happening somewhere every summer weekend allover the islands. Enjoy the perfect summer night with a fireworks display, celebratory bands and food from local food trucks. It’s the ultimate summer night on the island!
  5. Summer  is jam-packed with various activities, especially when it comes to festivals and concerts. Popular festivals include The Isle of MTV, the Farsons Beer Festival, the Malta Jazz Festival, and many others. Make sure that you pencil in all the dates so you won’t miss a thing!
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