Malta in Winter? Absolutely!

One of the greatest reasons to visit Malta in winter is the country’s pleasant temperatures. While Europe freezes, the Mediterranean island of Malta enjoys weather that the mainland could only dream of. Even in the middle of icy winter elsewhere in Europe you will find temperatures around a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius (60 Fahrenheit). While its true that there are days with strong winds and somewhat regular rain, the climate in Malta balances this with stable temperatures made for being outdoors.

Is Malta worth a visit if you cannot visit the beach ? Yes, a resounding yes! Malta is an island full of millennia of history, a blended Mediterranean culture and some jaw dropping landscapes. Malta has a number of UNESCO sites and plenty more that you’re unlikely to come across anywhere else. From walking the medieval streets of Valletta and Mdina, to looking along the cliffs and salt pans of Gozo, you can find plenty of interesting sights to keep you occupied.

Winter is also the perfect season for country hikes and outdoor fun…

As for the theatre scene, local theatres are bustling with local productions and musical talent every weekend…

Let's go that extra mile!