COM was awarded Hosts Global DMC of the Year International

Kurt Paben – Chief Executive Officer at Hosts Global

“At our Hosts Global Forum last week Colours of Malta was awarded Hosts Global DMC of the Year International.

Our most coveted award, the highest honour for a Hosts Global Member DMC, showcasing every facet of greatness in our industry…from brilliant and bold planning, flawless service execution, operational excellence, ferocious creativity, and unmatched client satisfaction, this award encompasses and epitomizes what it means to be a Hosts Global Member DMC.

davide cachia and the rest of the Colours of Malta team was nothing short of extraorindary in partnering with us to produce Hosts Global Forum.

This honour is well deserved. Go to Malta folks and you’ll see why!?

Maltese olive oil Bidni wins platinum award at International Olive Oil competition

Bidni Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won the Platinum Award at the renowned London International Olive Oil Competition, setting a new benchmark for Maltese olive oil on the international stage.

The Bidni olive, a variety endemic to Malta and virtually unknown to the world until two decades ago, was revived through the dedicated efforts of Sammy Cremona and later by the Grima family.

The Bidni olive tree is an early harvest variety, which property naturally protects the olive fruit against fruit fly infestations. The olives, small and concave with a deep purple colour when ripe, yield a distinctive oil with a noticeably peppery taste, owing to the fruit’s high level of polyphenols. The olives are cold-pressed within less than 24 hours of harvest, producing an extra virgin olive oil with an oleic acid percentage considerably lower than standard extra virgin olive oils. Today, the Grima family cultivates around 600 Bidni trees, producing approximately 500 litres of this extra virgin olive oil annually.

The London International Olive Oil Competition is one of the largest and most prestigious olive oil competitions in Europe, making this win a significant achievement for both the Grima family and MCA. As an accolade that sees hundreds if not thousands of competitors annually, the Platinum Award recognises the outstanding quality and distinctiveness of the Bidni Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

“It is of great honour to see the fruit of our work participate at this international event and receive such a prestigious award” says Immanuel Grima, who together with his father Joe cultivates the Bidni olive trees. “While we anticipate an increase in production as our trees mature, our focus will remain on quality and the nurturing of this endemic variety”.

“This award is a great honour and a confirmation of Malta’s potential in producing high-quality gastronomic products,” says Kurt Mifsud, founder of the MCA, which collaborates with the Grima family by managing the Bidni. “Our main aim is to maintain this high-quality level and continue to introduce people to this unique most likely endemic variety through our events and collaborations. In the coming years, we intend to participate in more competitions and we will continue to promote local products and varieties.”

Bidni Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available for purchase at several shops around Malta, including Master Cellars, Chocolate District, Bagel Hole, Il-Lokal, Veg Box, and the MCA website. Bidni also forms part of the Merill Rural Network, an initiative that brings together a number of farmers and artisans from all over the Maltese Islands.

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COM awarded renewed QA seal

Today we received our renewed QA seal! The Quality Assured seal for Destination Management Companies scheme was launched in 2008 and the scope is to recognise DMCs committed to high levels of quality and professionalism. The assessment is carried out through an audit and participation is on a voluntary basis.

Colours of Malta wins Leader in Quality Tourism Award

We are proud to announce that Colours of Malta won the Leader in Quality Tourism Award supported by Malta Tourism Authority at the Malta Business Awards.

Due to the current climate and the clients demands for sustainable events, Colours of Malta felt the necessity to provide a programme in line with ISO2021 sustainability management system for creating sustainable events. In view of this, all staff have been trained to monitor system performance including internal reviews and suppliers.

Click here to view the official corporate video from Awards Night from this 1st edition.

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