Ħobż Tal -Malti

If you love Malta’s traditional bread, it looks like you’re far from being alone. In fact, according to CNN Travel, you’re after all talking about one of the best bread on the planet

In a listicle which was updated and reshared yesterday, the travel section of the massive American media house included ħobż tal-Malti in its list of the “50 of the world’s best breads”, with the islands’ fave coming in at 28

“Classic versions take more than a day to prepare, and were traditionally baked in shared, wood-fired ovens that served as community gathering places,” CNN Travel wrote

The list features a number of beloved breads from all over the world, from Canada’s Montreal bagels and France’s baguettes to Italy’s ciabatta and Jordan’s Taboon bread

And considering the beloved Maltese ftira was just recently recognised as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage presented by UNESCO, it’s looking like local bakeries have a lot to celebrate!

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Statistics – Most of Malta’s Tourists came from Italy in 2023

According to official data shared with MaltaDaily, there were 3,002,823 total inbound visitors in 2023, including cruise passengers overnighting in the island.

Excluding cruise passengers, the total number of inbound tourists was 2,975,670, with first time tourists seeing an increase of 34% over 2022 at 2,305,255.

20,241,803 was the total number of nights spent by inbound tourists – an increase of 21.9% over the previous year.

Meanwhile, 1,238,827 inbound tourists stayed for 7 nights or more in the Maltese islands. The total expenditure in Euro by inbound tourists was €2,671,431,000.

This is an increase of over 32.7% over the previous year. The per capita expenditure in Euro of inbound tourists in 2023 was €898.

Meanwhile, 547,991 Italian tourists came to Malta, making it the largest market in 2023. Australia registered the largest growth of all markets over 2022 with 53,216 tourists making their way to the island.

article credits – Malta daily – #maltadaily on Instagram | Hashtags
COM team catching up with new exciting Hotels

Our team are thrilled to have toured the impressive Barceló Fortina this week! With its stunning Valletta views and versatile spaces, it’s the perfect blend of style and functionality for our upcoming collaborations. Exciting times ahead!

Exclusive insight: Barceló Hotel Group’s vision for its seafront luxury hotel in Sliema’s Fortina

The recent unveiling of Fortina’s €35m revamped 5-star hotel has injected a touch of dynamism to the Tigné seafront. Operated by the prestigious hotel chain Barceló Hotel Group – one of the fastest evolving, award-winning hotel brands – the Sliema property is in the hands of GM Koldo Salazar who is on a mission to deliver a client-centric, memorable experience.

Here, WhosWho.mt catches up with the General Manager to get a better understanding of the company’s vision for Malta and the type of tourists it wants to attract.

What does Barceló bring to the island to make it unique?

Barceló Hotel Group is currently the second largest hotel company in Spain and one of the 30 largest in the world in terms of number of rooms (+62,000), a clear sign of the trust and commitment the brand has earned.

As a Group, Barceló is also strongly committed to sustainability. Wherever we go we actively contribute to the development of a more regenerative tourism, while remaining faithful to our values based on a deep respect for the destinations we operate in.

What type of tourist do you want to attract?

We believe Barceló Fortina Malta is a unique destination for cultural travellers and getaway tourists. Overlooking the coveted view of the island’s capital Valletta, the hotel is strategically located along the seafront within walking distance of top restaurants, designer outlets and popular nightspots. It’s also a five-minute ferry ride away from the 450-year-old fortified capital, providing business travellers with the opportunity to still squeeze in a quick visit in between their busy schedule.

Last year, Malta was compared to “Ibiza, but cheaper”. With your finger on the pulse of both the Maltese and Spanish tourism markets, what do you think of these statements?

Each island is unique. Ibiza and Malta have their own geographical, social and cultural identities, so it would not be a fair comparison. The tourist attractions of both go far beyond sun, beach and nightlife… and we plan to be part of a memorable experience.

What do you think are the challenges facing Malta?

Tourists are becoming more and more demanding; they are more concerned about healthy habits, digitisation and quality experiences.

If you want tourists to choose your services and products, you have to offer them the best and most competitive experiences in the market; and to do this, the first step is to get to know your customers better, their expectations, their preferences and their ways of understanding travel. To do this, Barceló Hotel Group applies its client centric strategy, where the guest is the centre of the entire customer journey and their happiness, the main motivation to continue improving all the services we offer.

In terms of sustainability, the creation of responsible tourism alternatives is another of our challenges: to make hotels more sustainable and have a positive impact on destinations. We aim to enhance the natural heritage of the places where we are located, contract experiences directly from local suppliers and focus on local gastronomy in the restaurants of our hotels.

From an outsider’s perspective, what do you think the island’s strengths are?

Although Malta is a small island, it is steeped in history and has several attractions and hidden gems to explore.

In addition to its clear waters and choice of rocky or sandy beaches, there is also an amazing variety of natural landscapes, including spectacular cliffs and secluded coves to discover…

article credits: https://whoswho.mt/en/exclusive-insight-barcel-hotel-group-s-vision-for-its-seafront-luxury-hotel-in-sliema-s-fortina?fbclid=IwAR0R5ohmuZ-VSwCsFYJk1Py2yx28rzSeqCkrmjZ6UtGamoAbLmHvpCWh-CI 
2023 breaks records for highest number of tourist arrivals in Malta’s History

2023 proved to be a record-breaker in tourism numbers. This was revealed by the National Statistics Office (NSO), whose figures revealed that the total inbound tourists for the year of 2023 amounted to 2,975,670.

This marked a 30.1 per cent rise when compared to the corresponding period in 2022. 2023’s record figure breaks earlier record set in 2019, that of 2,771,888 visitors to the islands.

Overall, NSO noted that in 2023 the total tourist expenditure was estimated at €2.7 billion, an increase of 32.7 per cent than that recorded for 2022.

The total nights spent by inbound tourists also increased by 21.9 per cent, exceeding 20.2 million nights. Additionally, an increase was also noted in the expenditure per capita, from €880 in 2022 to €898 in 2023.

Expanding further on figures recorded in December 2023, NSO explained that a during the month under review a total of 144,301 tourists vised the islands for holiday purposes. Meanwhile, 9,156 tourists visited for business purposes. 84.8 per cent of which chose to stay in rented accommodation establishments.

The majority of the tourists were aged between 25 and 44 years old at 42.1 per cent, followed by the 45-64 age bracket at 32.1 per cent.

In total, British, Italian and Polish residents made up for 45.4 per cent of total inbound tourists.

In December the total nights spent by tourists also increased. With a marked rise of 9.9 per cent when compared to the corresponding month in 2022, tourists spent almost 1.1 million nights in Malta.

Meanwhile the average length of stay of total inbound tourists stood at 6.7 nights.

The overall spending by tourists nearly reached €116.7 million, marking a 15 per cent rise compared to the same month in 2022. The average expenditure per night was estimated at €109.8.

article credits: https://businessnow.mt/2023-breaks-records-for-highest-number-of-tourism-arrivals-in-maltas-history/?fbclid=IwAR34xWgWELfVgOIuqMV5bJPXmIxUF_dqyrad-MWXDf1koj0Up9EFxVQkoPw  


Ainsley’s Taste of Malta

Thank you, Malta & Gozo, for a fabulous culinary journey 😊🇲🇹

A big thank you to you all for watching Ainsley’s Taste of Malta – I hope you enjoyed the series and all the delights that Malta has to offer (I know I did!).

Big love to all the people we met and filmed with – such generous, welcoming people and a joy to work with. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed being part of the show. 😊

All the recipes from Ainsley’s Taste of Malta are up on my website – link in bio. I hope you enjoy trying them at home xx

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Hyatt Regency Malta makes it to Forbes Travel Guide
We are delighted to announce that Hyatt Regency Malta has once again been awarded the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide Four Star Rating for the year 2024, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in hospitality.
Forbes Travel Guide stands as the premier global rating system for luxury hotels, making this accolade a testament to the exceptional hospitality experience provided by Hyatt Regency Malta. We take great pride in our inclusion among Forbes’ distinguished roster of award-winning hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, and spas.
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DoubleTree by Hilton Malta opening soon

DoubleTree by Hilton Malta are excited to announce that only 55 days to go until the opening of .

This week a sneak peak to one of their room categories.


Let’s Welcome

We would also like to welcome Alessia our new Event Planner, bringing a unique blend of skills and languages to the table. Fluent in Italian, French, English and German, Alessia is a true asset in our quest to provide top-notch service to our diverse clientele. Her role in event planning and operations is pivotal in maintaining our high standards for our varied markets.

Together Alice and Alessia represent the spirit of Colours of Malta – diverse, dynamic and dedicated to excellence. We are thrilled to have them on board and look forward to extraordinary experiences they will help create.

Latest additions to COM Team

We are delighted to announce two fantastic additions to our team, further strengthening our position as you local DMC and leaders in the event planning industry.

Meet Alice Croce – Sales and Event Planner joined the team in September 2023, Alice is a brilliant graduate from the University of Valle d’Aosta. She brings a wealth of Knowledge and fresh ideas to our team. Fluent in Italian, French and Spanish, Alice is set to make a significant  impact as an Evet Planner for these markets. Her enthusiasm and dedication are already making waves, and we are excited to see her thrive her role.

Let's go that extra mile!