Implementing Successful Sustainability

Here at COM all our team participated in a course about “Implementing Successful Sustainability”, by Gayle Murphy, CEO of Global Green Events Ltd, Sustainable Eats & Treats and Strategic Roots. This course enabled us to tap into her years of experience dealing with clients from governmental organisations, PCO’s, NGO’s and tour group and event organisers. Sustainability is a thriving new area of business, tourism, events and culture, with the benefits of implementation reaching far beyond the costs of outlay. We feel it is a must for all organisations, events and individuals wanting to step forward into a long term sustainable future and make its mark in the international playing field. When COVID has passed, sustainability is a USP that will accelerate our business into a leader in the tourism sector!

Talk to our specialised team about a myriad of Sustainable Event ideas that we have explored and tailor made for your next event.

Colours of Malta is committed to going green thereby assisting you in organizing a great event whilst helping our planet simultaneously.

Celebrating the re-opening of the airport

To celebrate the Malta International Airport’s re-opening to commercial flights, a special event has been organized today, together with Sound Salon, G7 Events and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Sounds like Malta” will feature electronic artist and disc jockey LEX together with their airport ambassadors Joe Roscoe and Nicola Said, the renowned local soprano.

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