Spotlight on Malta’s Jewish History in Jewish Life Television’s Global Travel Series


Malta has been one of the best kept secrets for a Jewish Heritage Experience.  Exploring a Jewish presence that dates to the Roman Period, the Malta Tourism Authority and Jewish Life Television (JLTV) proudly announce the premiere of The Jewish History of Magnificent Malta, as part of JLTV’s award-winning global travel series Air Land & Sea.

Hosted by Brad Pomerance, this two-hour program premiered on JLTV on Sunday, June 12, 2022.  This episode took the audience on a remarkable journey, uncovering the history of Maltese Jewry, believed to be one of the oldest Jewish communities in the entire world.

“Who knew that the Maltese islands in the middle of the Mediterranean would be so full of Jewish history?” said Brad Pomerance, JLTV’s Air Land & Sea Host. He also noted, “we were completely blown away to actually see evidence of Jewish life in Malta dating back to the early centuries of the 1st millennia and so much more. And it was abundantly clear that the Maltese are so proud to showcase and promote this Jewish Heritage as part of Malta’s 7,000 years of history.”

Michelle Buttigieg, Malta Tourism Authority Representative North America, added that “Malta is very proud to introduce this Jewish Heritage Malta experience in such depth through the lens of JLTV to its large North American audience. For the US & Canada, Malta is still an undiscovered gem, and even more so, its Jewish Heritage.” Buttigieg further noted, “what is also good to keep in mind for the Jewish Travelers, there are now direct flights (2 ½ hours) from Tel Aviv/Malta, so they can now combine their visit to Israel with a trip to Malta.”

“The pandemic brought with it challenges that are rapidly being turned into opportunities through various incentives and projects targeted to offer the necessary tools for our local hospitality industry to recover, rethink and revitalise. Once again, living in full normality we remain committed to make Malta  a hub of tourism excellence for the years to come. The goal to achieve this vision is an ambitious one, but together we can make it happen,” outlined Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo.

In the first two-hour episode, which will be available to watch live on JLTV ( for channel position) or, Host Brad Pomerance and his intrepid crew explore and uncover some jaw-dropping historical proof of Jewish presence dating back to the turn of the Common Era.


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