Top 10 Water Sports in Malta

1) Scuba Diving
If there’s one water sport that Malta is really known for worldwide, it’s scuba diving. Malta continuously gets top ratings from divers looking to explore some of the most beautiful underwater locations in the Mediterranean.

Dive sites are numerous and suit several tastes. With Malta playing a pivotal role during WW2, means that the Mediterranean waters surrounding the island offer wrecks in the forms of both ships and aircraft in remarkable condition.

Caverns offer a close-up glimpse of sea life and underwater nature, while rock formations provide caves and tunnels all at varying depths. Discover a new world from just a few metres down and experience a different side to Malta which is out of this world.

2) Snorkelling
The best time for snorkelling around the islands of Malta is between May and August when sea temperatures are at their best, outside of these months you will probably find a wetsuit is required.

From a mild 19C in May rising to 27C in August, the waters are not only warm but crystal clear and make for perfect underwater sightseeing. Although beautiful, the sandy beaches across the island can become overcrowded during peak season, so if snorkelling is your main priority, head for the rocky beaches such as Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, Coral Lagoon, Għar Lapsi and Fomm ir-Riħ to experience an abundance of sea life and natural formations.

Very basic snorkelling equipment can be bought from most souvenir shops but hiring equipment is also possible from dive centres.

3) Jet Skiing
Did you know you can take a jet ski safari to explore the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean not only in Malta but also in the sister islands of Gozo and Comino?

Visiting both historical and geographical places of interest. With sunset safaris, round Malta safaris and the west coast, to name a few, you can visit caves and caverns only accessible by sea. Fully led by a group instructor adventurous explorers won’t be disappointed.

4) Kayaking
For one of the best kayaking experiences, head to Malta’s sister island of Gozo. Kayak Gozo was set up by a couple who after travelling the world, set up shop in Gozo and put their hearts and souls into launching their ever-popular business.

With everything you need available, their guided tours suit all tastes and levels ranging from novices to the experienced.

5) Inflatable Rides
For those looking for fun that will have you laughing so much, holding on will be a challenge, try out a banana boat ride or inflatable sofa ride. The most popular sandy beaches offer these exhilerating rides.

6) Boat Trips
Not surprisingly, boat trips across Malta are plentiful. Hire a boat for private use or join in on a cruise, the choice is yours.

If you are more for an organised trip with set locations, selected departure points and times, cruises are the best choice, but for more intimacy and no set agenda, hiring different sized self-drive boats to cater for your needs is just as accessible.

7) Windsurfing
If you don’t know how to windsurf already, there are water sports companies in Malta offering to teach complete beginners to be sufficient at windsurfing in as little time as a weekend. Wind surfs are available for rental and if a weekend of learning doesn’t take your fancy, taster sessions can be booked too.
Described as one of the most idyllic water sports locations on the island, Mellieħa Bay, has plenty to offer.

8) Flyboarding, hoverboarding and Jet Packs
Compared to learning how to walk, learning to flyboard and hoverboard at sea can be mastered in as little as ten minutes.

Lately becoming a sport in its own right, flyboarding gives the excitement of being propelled through the air at a rate of knots while having control of the heights you reach once you are fully self-learned which can take as little as an hour. Straighten your legs, lock your knees and enjoy the ride.

Prefer power strapped to your back? Go for the jet pack option and enjoy the experience, also with friends (through group bookings).

9) Parasailing
Taking to the skies is the most thrilling way to get a birds’ eye view of the island of Malta. Parasailing offers a memorable experience with the least effort. You’ll head out onto the water in a boat then, when the time is right, soar into the air at around 200 meters height. A hassle-free boat pickup from several locations in Sliema, St Julians and Valletta can be easily booked.

10) Waterskiing and Wakeboarding
Ideal for people who enjoy water sports and an adrenalin rush, wakeboarding and waterskiing are an absolute must! Wakeboarding involves riding a board, or wakeboard, over the surface of the water whilst being pulled along by a power boat.

The more familiar sport of waterskiing still involves water and a power boat, but uses the traditional skis instead of a board.



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