Malta Launches 2023 Games Of The Small States Of Europe

Malta Launches 2023 Games Of The Small States Of Europe

The Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE), which will be held in Malta in June 2023, has officially been launched following an announcement by Minister for Education and Sport Clifton Grima.

The event marks the third time Malta will host the event, since the Games’ inception in 1985.

At the time, the games were formed for countries with populations of fewer than one million people, and feature the same events seen in the Olympics.

In a promo video launched by the Ministry, athletes were appealed to fight for the top spot, as the occasion draws ever closer.

“Now, more than before is our time to dream big, aim high and fight hard. Now is the time to show the world what the smallest of the European Countries can do.”

“Sports makes us a nation. Sports unites us as one populace. Sports drive us forwards.”

SportMalta received €5 million in funds in an attempt to create the best environment for athletes to thrive, as they prepare to fight for gold.

“The government is proud to be giving full support to this sector, especially to these games,” said Minister Grima. “We have invested both in sports infrastructure, which we are raising to an international level, but for the first time, we have also invested in human resources.”

Since the first GSSEs, Maltese athletes have won 331 medals. In the two editions which happened in Malta, athletes won 32 medals in 1993, and 44 medals in 2003.

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