Marsaxlokk – Malta’s fishing village

Marsaxlokk (pronounced marsa-schlock – meaning southeastern port) is a small fishing village with a population of around 4,000 located on the south-eastern coast of Malta located at the shoreline of the second largest port in Malta.

At present, this important fishing village has the largest population of active fishermen with many traditional fishing boats of all sizes anchored in the port. The Malta fishing village is a very quiet location compared to others, with few cars passing through. But at the same time it has become a very touristic location with many fish restaurants and cafes lined along the promenade. Street hawkers set up their daily stalls here selling souvenirs, clothing and all kinds of things. You will also notice there are stalls selling fresh fish. Marsaxlokk is busiest on Sunday when many people flock to the Sunday market. Many locals come on this day to buy their weekly supply of fish and vegetables.

You will still see the usual souvenir stalls and the Maltese lace table-cloths with crochet finishing many of them depicting the cross of the Knights of Malta. For those with a sweet tooth, one will find many locally baked sweets to savour and purchase.

The most popular fish in Malta are the Swordfish and blue fin tuna. During spring and autumn dolphin fish or Dorado, known locally as ‘lampuki’ is caught in abundance and is very popular with the locals. If you are lucky enough you might see the fishermen tending to their nets before they go out to sea for their next catch.

It is a village where you can relax and gently stroll around. Despite having become very commercialized, the beauty is in its old houses laden with character and typical Maltese church with the large square at the front.


Director of award-winning local movie plans his next movie

Luzzu is a 2021 Maltese drama film directed and written by Alex Camilleri. The film stars Jesmark Scicluna, Michela Farrugia and David Scicluna. The film had its world premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival in January 2021 and rave reviews, It is the first Maltese film ever to premiere at the prestigious Sundance Festival with Jesmark Scicluna, a real Maltese fisherman, winning Special Jury Award for his role in the film.

It depicts the homegrown tale of the two real fishermen as they come to terms with the hardships of their industry in the modern age, turning towards an illegal black market to care for their family and livelihood.

Director Alex Camilleri, is already planning his next feature based around Malta and he’s ready to show a completely different side to the country. He was tight-lipped on what the movie is about but hinted that it would be a far more happy tone to Luzzu.

Luzzu will get its first theatrical release in Malta on 8th September 2021, with a limited red carpet event taking place a few days earlier on 3rd September.

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